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spatial designer making art and graphic designs 



My name is Simone Meij, spatial designer graduated from the HKU, artist and graphic designer.

My artworks are a combination of conceptual, contextual and visual art. My subjects go back to the core and tell a story. I do this by surprising myself, delving deeply into a subject and being guided by what I find. The topics are often mysterious, unknown or untouchable. This includes memories, life, death, transience, nature and social problems.

My graphic work includes illustrations, logos, e-books, white papers and posters. I work with different styles according to your wishes. The work must stand out, be fresh and clear. I do this by clarifying what the question is, doing research, collaborating and brainstorming.

f8dc9d46-d172-4b3b-861e-bdbbe1a9cf50 2_edited.jpg
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